Check Out Assassin’s Creed III’s Interactive Trailer

Posted by on October 23, 2012 at 2:45 pm

Come play it now!

Remember how I was all excited for the Dishonored interactive, chose your own adventure trailer? Well I’m back to being excited because Assassin’s Creed III has one also and I love Assassin’s Creed. in this interactive trailer you will be able to select your path, weapons and assassination styles as you guide Connor through an assassination mission set in the midst of the Battle of Bunker Hill. sounds like the most fun you can have with ACIII until the game actually comes out, October 30th.

I went the stealthy way, abushed a group of soldiers then made my through the camp just killing everyone in my path then I ran up a tree, pole vaulted off a flag pole and took out the target. What way did you go?

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