Check Out the New Additions to Frag Dolls

Posted by on October 11, 2012 at 3:17 pm

Esper (left) & Daze (right)

Back in July, Ubisoft’s Frag Dolls were holding an open casting call looking for a new member. I was down for it but being a guy I wasn’t qualified. Anyway, the Frag Dolls announced two new members to the team instead of one. Michelle “Esper” Roberson and Nicole “Daze” Cullop are the newest additions to the team. “We are thrilled for the new girls to be part of the Frag Doll team,” says Ellen Lee, promotions manager, Ubisoft. “Selecting the two new Frag Dolls wasn’t easy. With their incredible skills, experience, and passion for gaming, we believe that Esper and Daze’s talents will help push Frag Dolls to the next level.”

Esper is no stranger to the gaming community as she has worked in the gaming industry since 2007 and has been an active cadette of the Frag Dolls Cadettes program since 2010. In addition to her extensive work experience, Esper is also an accomplished professional video and a tabletop gamer. She has placed first in numerous Defense of the Ancient tournaments and holds the title as the first US professional female DotA player to place first at a competitive tournament. She is also a very experienced player of the popular card game, Magic: The Gathering, and has placed first multiple times in tournaments. With her expertise and energetic personality Esper will be a terrific addition to the Frag Dolls.

Daze is a well-known female gamer in the gaming industry having worked in numerous game trade shows and as a brand ambassador for a video game peripheral company. Daze’s enthusiasm and knowledge of the gaming industry will facilitate new marketing opportunities for the Frag Dolls. As a strong PC and console player, Daze has participated in dozens of Major League Gaming tournaments and has placed in many of them. With her competitive attitude and invaluable gaming skill sets, she will definitely be a key contributor to the Frag Dolls.

Esper and Daze will make their debut as Frag Dolls at this year’s New York Comic Con in October. In addition, they will fulfill vital roles on the team by participating in upcoming video game tournaments and supporting Ubisoft’s holiday titles.

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