FleshEatingZipper’s Minecraft Server In Pictures – Week 1

Posted by on October 1, 2012 at 8:47 pm

Our ravine has a roof. It’s true! We love glass here, so expect more in the future!

I don’t know if you’re aware, but we have a Minecraft server – check this thread for info and an invite! – and we’re playing on it. A lot. Probably too much even, but let’s not make the calls for therapists, yet. I’d like to take this space, hopefully on a weekly basis, to show off all kinds of new stuff around the server. Got something cool in our server you want to show up? Hit up the comments below!

I built an Oceana node. Yeah, that’s right, from the Mega-City pyramid project. I’m hoping to reproduce a chunk of it here, if only for my weird pyramid complex issues. I truly forgot how big these things were, or the fact that we had dozens of them hanging in the air like we did.

Cody built an iron golem and then penned it. What a waste of such beautiful potential.

Orlmarine is crafting his loft right across from the Ravine City Bank!

Kelly is our local mixologist, coming with cool fire resist brews! He and Cody have been messing around in the Nether a bunch and I don’t understand that strange madness. Go for it, guys!

Okay, so I needed a new project, so I’m building a glass done around our city. Yeah. I needed something to do! Go hard or go home!

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