Minecraft for Xbox 360 Updated, Time to Buy it!

Posted by on October 16, 2012 at 6:31 pm

Can’t download fast enough!

I’ve been following Minecraft for Xbox 360 for a long time now waiting for the perfect time to buy the game. Today is that time. With the new 1.8.2 update, released today, they have made the game more inline with the PC version. Sure it’s still missing a bunch of things but it’s also added a bunch of new features that would be hard to not play with now that I’m used to them on the PC version. Let’s break it down!

Now you can do creative mode, including flying. Create your self a super flat overworld as well as a super flat option for the Nether. Biomes galore including swamp, mountain and ocean. The ocean floor now consists of clay, sand and dirt which makes it easier to find clay. River flow through biomes and now there are villages, mineshafts, strongholds and ravines.

A big change to you is that now you have a hunger meter and you can sprint so you will need to start growing food. If you haven’t played the PC version, sprinting takes your hunger meter down. When it is completely gone you start to die. There are new food items to have though, including: apples, raw chicken, cooked chicken, raw beef, steak, melons, melon seeds and rotten flesh.

There are even more changes to the game and the best way is to just jump in! Or if you want you can check them out on Mojang’s website. Take a look at the trailer to see more of the excitement that is 1.8.2!

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