More Mobile Gaming – Now With Android, Alchemy And…ZAXXON?!

Posted by on October 5, 2012 at 5:49 pm

Gaming on the go!

We’re back with more mobile gaming. You can expect to see mobile gaming news on a much more regular (regularer? lawlz) basis here, since the first installment yesterday which covered exclusively iOS titles. You can also expect much more for Android as developers continue to push that market forward and begin moving more mobile gaming cross-platform.

Here’s the skinny for today!

BATTLE BEARS mobile game franchise to become a major TV series.

That’s right kids. The hit 3D FPS for Andriod and iOS is going to become a television series. Here’s what we know:

BATTLE BEARS to be showcased at world’s largest television market MIPJunior and MIPCOM in Cannes, France this weekend.

The BATTLE BEARS TV series will be the first mobile app originated TV series with a full season of half-hour episodes.

The BATTLE BEARS TV series is a key piece of SkyVu’s transmedia strategy to bring its characters to the world through mobile games, TV series, toys, and merchandise.

BATTLE BEARS follows the lives of six highly skilled, power-enhanced soldier bears as they travel to a remote pink planet. The Battle Bears soon learn that this odd but seemingly idyllic planet is also home to some of the galaxy’s most dangerous dangers. Once again, they’ll answer the call to action as these unique heroes use their skills, heads and heart to save the day. The Battle Bears may be soft and fuzzy on the outside, but these soldiers take cuddly to a whole new level… of awesome!

Alchemy Lords, an Indie game mixing Social game and Strategy game

And here’s an Android exclusive, with magic and alchemists and PVP ass-kickery!

Zone 306, a young and promising mobile game studio announced today the launch of Alchemy Lords, an addictive social-strategy game for Android. (Available on Google Play)

“With Alchemy Lords, we wanted to bring something new: a social game that turns into a strategy game when you start a battle. Our players have never seen something like this before; they can fight real-time against their friends anytime, anywhere.”

In this free Android game, players take on the job of managing their own cutely-designed medieval city, with its army, alchemists, and legendary heroes. Everyday they can visit their buildings and perform various actions such as collecting the taxes, training their heroes, or searching new spells. But the specificity of Alchemy Lords certainly lies in its unique way to handle battles.

“We wanted to make a game that appealed to casual and hardcore players alike, so we designed a battle system that is both extremely simple and very rich strategically.”

During real-time fights, the player is pitted to his opponents’ army and heroes, and will have to cast spells creatively to turn the tide in his favor. Spells can have various effects like dealing damage, slowing units, or switching them, and will be used in combos for maximum effect. The variety of the spells and the beautiful animations make the battles really fun to play.

Zaxxon Returns! Zaxxon Escape Now Available for Android and iOS

Oh lordy. Zaxxon! Yeah, I remember dropping jillions of quarters into this one when I was a kid. And now a re-imagining is coming to phones? Wowzers!

“Zaxxon represented some unique firsts for SEGA, as well as for the industry. No game before had given such a true sense of real, three-dimensional flight,” said Chris Olson, Vice President of Digital Business at SEGA. “We’ve continued that tradition with beautiful 3D graphics and combined them with easy to pick up controls and hard to put down gameplay. I hope everyone really enjoys the result!”

It’s been thirty years since gamers first took on the evil robot Zaxxon, andZaxxon Escape continues the story of what happened after his defeat. Players must escape a crumbling asteroid base by shooting, swiping, and tilting their spaceship through an ever-changing maze of corridors, guided only by their reflexes and handy powerups like auto-pilot and tractor beams. Find out if you have what it takes to survive the total destruction of Zaxxon.

And that’s it for today, folks. Make sure you keep checking back because we definitely have more to come!

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