New DLC Hits “Sanctum” On Steam

Posted by on October 4, 2012 at 11:46 pm

Still Kicking.

“Extry, extry! Read all about it! New DLC Hits Sanctum On Steam!”

“Where’s that story?”

“Page two. Sanctum Downloads Bring Down Steam!”


“Well, no. That’s just sensationalism.”

Who doesn’t like a good press report posted newsie style? Nobody? Fair enough.

The wonderful people at Coffee Stain Studios have delivered some goodies for their epic game. Sanctum, a sci-fi action tower defense game with FPS gameplay elements, has been updated with several new features and new DLC. It’s like Christmas morning; minus the drunk uncle who keeps opening your present every year.

The Goodies:

  • “Still Alive”, name of the new patch, adds two new towers (Drone and Accelerator) and no shit, a Tesla Gun. (I know, right??)
  • “Sanctum – Map Pack 2″adds 3 new levels (Industry, Chasm, and Invasion) with never before tested challenges. So, yeah. Good luck with that.
  • FREE WEEKEND!? From October 11th to the 14th, Coffee Stain Studios are essentially throwing money away so you can play for free. Now, you’ll still have to purchase the base game, but it’s going to be 75% off – no big deal. Let’s not forget that all DLC will be 20% off. There’s no excuse.

For more information about Coffee Stain Studios or Sanctum, click this word.

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