‘Nightmare Runner’ Free For iOS & Android

Posted by on October 31, 2012 at 11:20 pm

Everyone has nightmares including monsters.

Ever have that one reoccurring nightmare where you’re running away from a monster that’s out to get you? It always happens when you least expect it and you can never fight back. CookieBit and ClockworkMonster kicked off its ginormous launching of their new game Nightmare Runner and they want you to relive that dream all over again. But this time around, you’re packing heat.

The game is about a man, stuck and alone in his own nightmare with monsters that want him for breakfast, lunch and dinner. To survive the onslaught of hellions, you must run and jump over the platforms and kill the enemies as you see fit. They coin it “easy to play hard to master.” We shall see about that!

Nightmare Runner is based on a Clockwork Monster flash game called (duh) Nightmare Runner. However, this mobile version was re imagined and adapted to newer devices, including that newfangled iPad Mini. The game includes achievements and online scores to shove your best run in your friends face.

It’s never too late to celebrate Halloween. Nightmare Runner is available for free on iOS and Android. So, download it because what else do you have to do tonight?

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