Man The Lifeboats! It’s An MMO Tidal Wave!

Posted by on December 10, 2012 at 9:29 pm

THIS MMO, isn’t coming soon…It actually got deleted by the developer. OOPS!!

Man, oh man. I was doing some research today and got a look at all of the MMO’s that are coming up in the near future…When I took stock of everything that’s happening in the Massively Multiplayer Online world, I have to admit that I got a little happy and a little sad at the same time.

Boy, there’s a lot coming up . Unfortunately that means that there’s going to be some losers out there and that kinda sucks.

Here’s a few of the major titles which are on the horizon and a few more which are a little further off. Just looking at this list of awesomeness drives me a little bonkers so forgive me if I tend to prattle on a bit. I’m busy cleaning up the dribbles.

I double dare you to tell me that’s not pretty!

First off, and this one is coming pretty soon, is going to be the MMORPG “Dragon’s Prophet” by Runewaker and Sony Online Entertainment, which I mentioned in an article a few days ago. Dragon’s Prophet is bringing a new combat system and completely new form of character development to the mix. In Dragon’s Prophet, characters are developed and expanded upon by capturing dragons and imbuing the character with their essence and skills. Dragon’s Prophet also boasts a sandbox style LARGE world with open world PVP and what they’re calling the “Frontier System” which will not only allow players and guilds to claim land but also to build their own individual homes and guild halls on…In the open world, not instanced.

That’s not happened in a game in YEARS.

Rockin the quads! They’re fun as hell to jump, too.

Next, we have Defiance, the Trion Worlds MMOFPS we got to play around with at E3. Defiance is unique in that it has a direct tie in with a cable television show which will air on SyFy. I’ve said in the past that we’re not really sure how the two are going to tie in but we’ve been told that things which happen in the game will effect things that happen in the show, and vice versa. This is supposed to be some serious tying in, too – not just casual mentions of things. This is super exciting because it’s a good indicator that Trion Worlds is dedicated to making this thing work and since they have the backing of SyFy, that means there’s going to be a lot more exposure to the public, which will help the game grow.

I hope this one doesn’t become vaporware.

On a separate note, Trion’s MMORTS “End of Nations” may NOT be debuting any time soon as the project has been put on hold due to mass layoffs at Petroglyph studios. Rumor has it that Trion has found a new developer but we’ll have to keep an eye on that one and see how it goes.

Martial Arts meets MMO? Ok!

Another MMO which is set to release in the very near future, and is now accepting closed beta registration is the Chinese martial arts game Age of Wulin (Age of Wushu in North America). This is a free to play MMO by Snail games and gPotato which was originally set to release early in 2012 but is now set to release, based on various sources, anywhere from the end of this year (they’d better hurry) through to spring of 2013. This one doesn’t have a rigid class system so players don’t select a class at the beginning of the game. Instead, they select from 1 of 8 factions and then train in various skills and abilities which will then determine what their character is capable of. This title will feature both PVP and PVE elements.

And there are some more titles which are on the horizon which we here at FEZ are looking forward to getting our hands on. Of course there’s the Bethesda title “Elder Scrolls Online” which we’re chomping at the bit to get a piece of, then there’s the Fallout MMO, once interplay and Bethesda are done suing each other over it. And, finally, the one I’ve been wanting to get my eyes on for YEARS…The super-secret Blizzard project, codenamed “Titan”, which is rumored to be an MMOFPS.

Blizzard doing an FPS? Well, stranger things have happened…I mean, WoW is still popular, right?

So keep your eyes open and your WASD keys warmed up, kids…There’s lots of MMO goodness right around the corner and we all get to have a piece!

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