Planetside 2 Double XP Weekend

Posted by on December 7, 2012 at 9:22 pm

That BioDome is worth SO MANY XP…

We all love getting some xp for doing things in game. Whether it’s killing mobs or solving puzzles or completing quests or shooting people in the face, there’s not much most of us like more in games than getting those sweet, sweet experience points which allow us to level up and build our characters into more formidable killing machines. Even with our love for XP in games, though, I can name one thing off the top of my head that’s sweeter than any XP you’ll ever taste.

Double XP!

Let’s be honest here; All good things are even better when they’re double. Double meat on our turkey sub, double Ritz crackerfuls, double stuffed oreos, double Grey Goose martinis, dirty with extra olives. Yeah, there’s nothing great which isn’t greater in double and that includes the experience points in Planetside 2 from Sony Online Entertainment.

The good folks over at SOE are offering double XP for this entire weekend, in response to a few small glitches and bugs they’ve been experiencing which have slowed some people from being able to get their full XP on since the game launched a couple of weeks ago.

Sony Online Entertainment started the double XP at 0900 today and will carry it on through the weekend so that everyone gets a chance to get in on the tasty goodness which is character development.

And check it out…It stacks with any boosters and bonuses you have so…If you’re an alpha squad member with a 6 month subscription you’re looking at 3200 XP for a big base cap. That’s a LOT of XP!

Of course the game will stay free to play as well so for those of you who haven’t tried it, go ahead and get it downloaded and then get to shooting dirty TR scum in the face. You’ll be glad you did.

Also, since we’re here…FLEET CARRIER!

Yeah…that’s a big ship…

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