New Unofficial Xbox Branding Identity Is Crazy Enough To Work

Posted by on January 24, 2013 at 2:33 pm
Get it?

Get it?

You may not be familiar with Cory Schmitz, but he’s a designer who’s done plenty of work for the gaming industry, most recently with the PlayStation title Sound Shapes and the branding for Polygon. Well, after a “one-afternoon branding jam”, Cory came up with an interesting take on the next generation of Xbox branding, a wave that’s rumored to include tablets and smaller set top boxes. So how does it look?

I wasn’t hot on it at first, but on subsequent takes, started to fall in love with it. The logo form might be a little too restrictive in its application to look fantastic yet, but otherwise it looks pretty great. I like the idea of unique marques, like the one you see above on the left, which was a huge deal in the earliest days of the Xbox 360 when manager J Allard touted the console’s ability to swap face plates or your gamer pic, years before the rise of avatars.

When Microsoft launched the Xbox 360 in 2005, it also retconned the original logo from its stark searing green-on-black X to the modern grey globe we know today. Maybe it’s time for another identity revamp, something that may set the next wave of Xbox-related gadgets apart from its competition.

Here’s the link again to see the remainder of the exercise.

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