Nintendo Is Out Of Touch With American Gamers

Posted by on January 23, 2013 at 11:52 am
My point exactly.

Wind Waker HD. My point exactly.

You know it’s bad when an updated Gamecube game for the Wii U creates a huge buzz in the gaming community. Nintendo is notorious for rehashing the same brand over and over again. Why must they run everything into the ground?

Nintendo is infatuated with their own IP’s. It’s really strange when you think about it. Every Nintendo console has had an iteration of Mario or Zelda – good or bad. And honestly, I was hoping for something completely new with the Wii U.

The fact that Nintendo released information about new Zelda and Mario games is down right greedy. It’s clear that they aren’t afraid of innovating hardware. When it comes to games, they can’t seem to let go of a 20+ year old franchise. Perhaps Nintendo knows that shit will sell like hot cakes?


Rolling dice has never been so innovative and fun.

The Nintendo fan base are so game-malnourished that they don’t know any better. They see an IP that’s familiar and eat it up because there is nothing else worth playing on a Nintendo console.

When I went to Nintendo’s E3 conference last year, the disappointment of the Wii U’s line up was palpable. No one was impressed. Could it be that a Japanese company has no idea what Americans want? Now, Nintendo might have it’s own HQ in America, but it’s only a translating front. Regis Fils-Aime is nothing but a marketing ploy. It’s quite obvious where Nintendo’s loyalty is at – the weird Japanese market.

Satoru Iwata doesn’t seem to care what the rest of the world wants. Every Nintendo created game seems like an import, does it not? At least Sony has the decency to make both markets happy.

There’s a reason why Nintendo is doing so poorly in the Western hemisphere. The only way to change this downward slope is to pull a Sony; create fantastic games that both markets will enjoy playing.

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