Star Citizen – Custom Citizen Card Orders Ending

Posted by on February 15, 2013 at 9:59 pm
Oh that's SO hot...

Oh that’s SO hot…

Roberts’ Space Industries has, over the last couple of days been announcing that the time frame for getting your customized citizen card is drawing to an end. And that, it has. With today being the last day for the custom orders, if you haven’t gotten yours set up, you’re pretty much out of luck at this point.

Sucks to be you!

It was a few months ago that we brought news of Chris Roberts’ new space simulator, Star Citizen / Squadron 42 and how Chris Roberts’ new company was doing a crowdfunding project in an attempt to raise a couple of million dollars in order to develop this new title. We also talked about how the crowdfunding project went much better than expected and raised a record amount of money, at over 6 million dollars.

Well, they’re now up to over 8 million dollars and they just keep going, which is awesome because every penny they make is going toward developing more new and exciting things for this very promising space sim, which will feature a single player campaign, as well as persistent state multiplayer play in a massive universe, filled with an incredible number of ways to make your mark.

If you got in on the crowdfunding project, you were entitled to receive a free, customized citizen card, which matched the citizenship level you had earned through your buy in. As I said earlier, if you’ve already signed up then you’re golden but if you haven’t then, unfortunately, you’re out in the cold on this one because the door is shut.

Never fear, though! You can still order t-shirts, upgrade your membership level, order more add-ons and if you haven’t, yet, you can even pony up some cash for the crowdfunding, to help all of us get more and better features.

Just head on over to for more details.


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