Want A Bunch Of Great Android Games? Buy This New Humble Bundle And Help Charity

Posted by on March 6, 2013 at 8:34 am
You can get all of these games for all of these platforms!

You can get all of these games for all of these platforms!

Hooray, we have a new Humble Bundle! For a price that you can set, you can own this set of indie games and support not only those little guys, but also charities like Child’s Play and the EFF. This particular bundle is handy because all of the games are ready for a swath of Android devices so you can have the traditional home computer experience with these games or take them on the go. Either way, it’s up to you! So what’s included?

NightSky HD: Haven’t had a chance to play this yet, but it looks like a physics/puzzle game? Pretty hot.

Solar 2: This one we are definitely familiar with and if you haven’t played this yet, you may be committing crimes. The best version will be the PC because of its hardware advantages, but an Android version would be incredibly handy.

Beat Hazard Ultra: This game is a seizure-inducing trip reminiscent of Geometry Wars. If you’re playing on the PC, be sure to have an Xbox 360 controller nearby.

Dynamite Hack: Haven’t played this yet! Looks like a Bomberman puzzler? Looks legit, though!

…and if you pay more than the average donation price for the Humble Bundle, you also get:

Super Hexagon: A twitch-friendly, cursor-moving, ever-collapsing, uh… well, it’s something else. Navigate your cursor through a series of collapsing obstacles and last as long as possible. Not a game I can keep up with, but you should have no troubles.

Dungeon Defenders: Nothing wrong with another tower defense game, I suppose. This looks to be in the same vein as Orcs Must Die! and plenty charming.

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