‘Thief’ Game Unveil Was Smoke And Mirrors, Development Extremely Troubled

Posted by on April 26, 2013 at 1:17 pm
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Thief 4, once a sequel, now a fully rebooted Thief game, has been in development for five years and will come upon six when it finally releases next year. When a game is in development for that long, one can expect that the game’s development was troubled, or at least misguided and meandering for a time. As it turns out, Thief‘s development at Eidos Montreal has been so hampered that their Game Informer reveal last month was out of panic, not of pride.

According to Polygon, given carte blanche to develop the game as they saw fit, they spun around in circles and fell victim to quagmire as designers would recruit from their alma maters and politics took a heavy toll. Designers would devise a design, only to quit and new leads would go in a new direction, forcing mass scrappings of content from the game. It was only when parent company Square-Enix, who’s been having its own troubles as of recently, told Eidos Montreal to have their game ready to unveil at the beginning of this year did they hunker down to produce it. The vertical slice they produced for Game Informer and GDC was largely trickery, just to get things working at all. Because of the team’s desperate churn to get the game built, that demo they built doesn’t even work in the current builds. Crazy! All the while, a team in the very same building produced the really good Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Crazier still!

Did you notice their nebulous “2014” date? Probably a super good reason for that.

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