USS Enterprise-D Rebuilt In ‘Minecraft’ at 1:6 Scale, Doesn’t Let Its Small Size Get In The Way

Posted by on April 12, 2013 at 12:32 pm
"That's a negative, Worf!"

“That’s a negative, Worf!”

Star Trek’s Next Generation is my jam, but Minecraft is, too! What a conflict of interest! No longer! We now have a finished version of Picard’s Enterprise-D at one-sixth scale, wrapped in an elaborate texture pack to complete the illusion.

Of course, at one-sixth scale, the ship may include many of the ship’s sights to exaggerated effect, but it won’t quite feature everything. The most incredible part of the model is that the whole ship was done in Survival mode, meaning every single stone and wooden plank had to be pulled from somewhere while mobs wandered the wilderness.

It’s an admirable effort beside Halcun’s effort, which is a full-scale Enterprise. The Enterprise-D is, in fact, so large that most of the volume and facilities in the ship had to be pulled from technical manuals and a huge dose of imagination. Despite being featured in that Minecraft documentary, that server isn’t online anymore. Weak.

Source: Kotaku

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