Double Fine Unveils Second Kickstarter For ‘Massive Chalice’, A Tactics-Based Strategy Game

Posted by on May 30, 2013 at 10:50 am
Gah, stop twisting my arm already, Double Fine!

Gah, stop twisting my arm already, Double Fine!

It’s been over a year since Double Fine launched their first Kickstarter for what would become Broken Age, a campaign that would set records and launch thousands of other campaigns from old-school game developers seeking a new day in the sun. Today, they launch a second with an incredible video, which I’ll include below.

While there’s no actual gameplay shown, the story goes like this: it’s a tactics-based strategy game with a board game-ish overworld. As your hero character(s) bravely fight foes, they’ll eventually die. When they do, they’ll grant their bloodline bonuses. I think it’s clever as hell. Their ask is $750,000 and while I know they’ll beat it, I am a little weary having putting a full two hours into Brutal Legend after their recent Humble Bundle. Double Fine’s never had a smack-out-of-the-park release but I believe that designer Brad Muir can pull it off because this concept is pretty amazing. Go check out all the deets here!

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