New Double Fine-Themed Humble Bundle Is Worth Losing Your Mind Over

Posted by on May 7, 2013 at 4:55 pm
So much insanity! Like a manatee!

It’s insane like a manatee. Hmmm, that doesn’t really have the same ring about it, does it…

It’s time for a new Humble Bundle! Most of these have been great, but c’mon, having those holdouts back yet again is getting a little thin. Now it’s time for Tim Schafer’s Double Fine to shine, now featuring almost all of the studio’s output in one fell swoop!

I’m going to be honest: I’ve only played one of these games, which probably means this is the perfect reason to pull out my credit card right now (and fill in all the fields, all the fields). I was attached to Psychonauts because it was, at one point, a first-party Xbox game, published by Microsoft proper. That’s crazy! That wouldn’t have flown in a million years! Still, I never beat it (I reached the theater level and got stuck) and the rest of these games were pretty cool-looking at least. Brutal Legend traded hands from Vivendi to Activision to EA where they didn’t mention the game’s RTS elements until the very last moments. It also took a number of years to make and didn’t perform to commercial expectations, leaving them to try smaller Xbox Live Arcade stuff like Costume Quest and Stacking and… Sesame Street afterward. Hence their Kickstarter.

Anyway, snap it up!


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