‘Shadow Of The Eternals’ Is A Spiritual Successor To ‘Eternal Darkness’, IGN Reveals Cheesily

Posted by on May 3, 2013 at 11:45 am
Yeah, that looks like something from Eternal Darkness, all right.

Yeah, that looks like something from Eternal Darkness, all right.

First off, it’s really kinda cheesy how IGN is presenting this. Sure, I remember the old days of PC Gamer where the back page would hint at some great exclusive coming the following month, but releasing an exclusive teaser trailer for Shadows of the Eternals on Friday and promising the goods on Monday is straight out of the marketing farm, not the journalism den. At any rate, this proposed ‘inspired by’ from Precursor Games, whom I assume are a lot of former Silicon Knights employees based on their Too Human-inspired logo. The thing is, with how badly that company went down the drain, should we be excited that Denis Dyack is still on board?

Eternal Darkness is the sole reason that many, like myself, had a heart out for Silicon Knights. A psychological thriller with a ton of great ideas and an incredible narrative, it wound up being my favorite title on the GameCube. Their high-performance streak turned tragic with the blunderous failure of the long-anticipated Too Human and their subsequent fall into darker times with X-Men: Destiny and, ultimately, bankruptcy. Silicon Knights shit their bed so hard that eventually everything wound up in the sheets, leaving the company that once gave out swords to long-term employees a mere administrative husk. This game, like that classic, will tell the interweaving story of two people now locked away in a mental institution, who want to kill each other for very elaborate reasons. I said this was a proposed game earlier and by that I meant they’ll be crowd-funding the game, so this’ll be a ‘vote for your dollars’ affair.

I guess we’ll have to wait until Monday to get the details. Good work IGN, you got me.

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