5 Games Microsoft Should Bring To Android And iOS

Posted by on June 24, 2013 at 6:20 pm
The Xbox One presentation left me flaccid

Bring these games over, Microsoft!

When word got out that Microsoft was secretly deploying their games – including Age of Empires – in Asia on Android and iOS, people went crazy. Maybe not quite that far, but while Microsoft has been playing the field for a while, the idea of bringing some of their Xbox-only franchises to platforms they don’t complete with (no, Windows Phone doesn’t count), it got me thinking back to some heyday franchises that would be perfect. With that, I present to you the five franchises that Microsoft should be bringing to smartphones.



Okay, this would be a little harder because of the controls involved, but between two virtual sticks to control, a jump and some tweaks, this could be a lot easier than you think. Plus, by the third game it was already super colorful and dispensable enough to be perfect for a mobile experience. Photo credit: IGN


Quantum Redshift

Not only would this game play perfectly on a mobile device, but it’d be a great showcase for new phone effects. Nvidia would latch on quick to promote their Tegra tech, which is coincidental since the last time this game saw air was on the original Xbox, an Nvidia-powered device. After the failure of that game, developer Curly Monsters went under and an Xbox Live-enabled sequel was scrapped.


Blinx: The Time Sweeper

Now now, don’t laugh at me! I’d anticipated this game because of its hard drive-utilizing time abilities, but all that technical amazement went right out the window once I popped the game in. Still, this series could exist in a whole new form as a stricter puzzle game – maybe even tile-based. Time-manipulating games are woefully under-represented and yeah, I realize that Remedy’s Quantum Break is out sometime next year.


Monster Truck Madness

This was one of Microsoft’s first major releases following the release of Windows 95 and it’s a big dumb racing game where you drive around in Monster Trucks. You can’t lose. The sequel was critically-acclaimed, but I felt they over-designed it, getting rid of the vast-swaths of terrain you could cut through and explore. Photo credit: MobyGames


Project Gotham Racing

PGR made a brief jump to mobile with the Ferrari Edition on the Zune HD (RIP) and while the accelerometer-based controls were a bit weird, but a virtual stick would solve that like every other racing game I’ve mentioned here. I think the series’ linear gameplay would suit a lot of events and while it’d be hard to get the precision needed for strictly Kudos-based events, regular racing should be pretty easy, yo.

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