Google Is Making A Video Game Console, Which Means Euuuugggghhhh

Posted by on June 27, 2013 at 4:57 pm
To boldly go...

…but on your Android-powered console, hooked up to a TV, in theory.

People are freaking out today at the prospect that Google is making a video game console. Since Android is open-source, hardware would-be players like Ouya and Gamestick are already beginning to fill the field by crafting their own gaming hardware on top of Google’s mobile operating system. My thoughts are lukewarm for a variety reasons I’m about to get into, but anyone expecting some kind of market disruption out of this needs to slow down on the headlines and Facebook posts, because a Google console can create more of a mess than it creates.

I'm guessing he throws up the Apple because he can't handle it.

I’m guessing he throws up the Apple because he can’t handle it.

GOOD: Google Will Finally Make Android A Place To Put Games

Despite Android being the dominant player in the mobile wars, there just aren’t enough games. A lot of that has to do with fragmentation – there are just too many different pieces of hardware with too many different versions of Android. But what if Google could unite everyone under some standards that everyone can enjoy – or are already familiar with – and then promote the crap out of it.

But there’s a flipside to that…

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