The Xbox One At E3 2013 – 5 Ways Microsoft Showed Their Ass

Posted by on June 10, 2013 at 6:41 pm
The Xbox One presentation left me flaccid

The Xbox One presentation left me flaccid

We had the opportunity to sit down at the Microsoft Xbox Press Briefing today and while a lot of the stuff Microsoft presented was pretty cool, they also did quite a few thing which left me feeling like they were flailing about, reminiscent of a brain damaged octopus who’d been tricked into eating a ghost chili while trying to roller skate on a sheet of ice.

Everyone in the world knows that my choice of console is the Xbox, and has been since the brand debuted, so what is my problem with the big M? I’ll tell ya!

5) The re-release of the Xbox 360.

This, to me is a blatant money-grab. They re-build the 360 in the image of the Xbox One and parade it around like it’s the next best thing. Problem? There’s no difference between the 360 they showed today and the 360 you may have bought a month go except for the change in the plastic box they cover the guts with. They want to get people to go out and buy another console for the sake of congruity (and they’ll score quite a few sales I’m sure) but for my money, they can keep the new box.

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