‘Saints Row IV’ Preview: A Bigger Scope Leads To A (Kinda) Different Game

Posted by on July 3, 2013 at 9:00 am


I got to sit down with Saints Row IV at E3 a few weeks back, but let’s face it: half an hour with an open-world game, much less a Saints Row game, isn’t much of a preview. Now in the quiet hamlet of our sunny Phoenix, far from the pressure of appointment windows and crammed exhibition halls, Deep Silver let me play with a far more extended version of that E3 demo to really get a feel on how this game is so much different than its predecessors.


Last Time, On Saints Row IV

Before you can be President, you’ve been deployed to a remote terrorist camp where a madman named Cyrus is about to launch a nuclear warhead at Washington D.C. There’s nothing particularly thrilling about this detached prologue, one that pushes you through a series of drab, subterranean tunnels. Nor are its villain or its climax – in which you ride the missile into the upper reaches of the atmosphere while Aerosmith’s “Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” blares – work well to establish why you’re now the President of the United States, but it underscores just how eager Saints Row IV is to please.

After the White House (or, White Crib) is demolished a by brawny batch of aliens called the Zinn and just after your QTE-equipped brawl with their leader, you’re zapped away to parts unknown. Not included in the E3 demo was the transition to a Leave It To Beaver-esque version of Steelport in which your character is now living the ideal 6-year old’s life with a pep in your step and a stack of pancakes to eat. Oh boy!

Once you drive down to the local diner though, things start to get weird…

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