Where Is The Jawbone UP XL Band At, For Us With Monstrous Wrists?

Posted by on April 16, 2013 at 6:15 pm
So many shapes and sizes, except for the one I need.

So many shapes and sizes, except for the one I need.

Two nights ago, I was ready to pull the trigger on a Jawbone UP. I’ve been following these athletic “smartbands” for a bit, I’ve been getting along with RunKeeper for the past month and a half and the UP seemed like the best grab now that it has an Android app. Of course, it wasn’t long into my trip to Jawbone’s site that I had to exit without ever retrieving my credit card. Why? Because the bands are all too small.

After taking a few best-guess measurements based on what I had available-namely, a USB cable, some chapstick to mark it off and a ruler app-I concluded that my wrist, which is really really skinny, is an eight and a half inch fit at the most conservative. Jawbone offers three sizes for its UP band, the smallest ideal for four to five inch wrists while its largest is ready for seven to eight inch wrists. Reading some accounts online, those who came close to the eight inch barrier were greeted with band tips that poked outward, rather than sitting flush, and pinched skin. Eep.

So the question arrives: when is an XL band for us northern Europeans showing up, perhaps even an XXL band? (I wouldn’t mind the slack!) I’m very interested in charting my physical activity and setting goals and all that healthy nonsense, but I’ve had no such luck determining this band’s fate aside from a post on their forums signed by a Jawbone representative named “Alex” indicating such a thing is coming “this year”. I’ve even contacted Jawbone PR to no success.

Jawbone, I am seriously this close to buying your product. I am a fat desperate (well, not desperate, full of confidence, actually) man who needs help. Please provide this information.

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  • Any update?

    Tis a year later, and still no XL. Seems Jawbone only wants their products on the wrists of the fittest among us.