Kyrocera & Sprint’s Magical Echo

Posted by on February 7, 2011 at 6:41 pm

Tonight Sprint had this super secret press conference featuring David Blaine! There were a lot of rumors of what it would be, the first 3D phone, Sprint closing down? Who knew, that is until now. Engadget was invited to the press conference and this is from their liveblog about what David Blaine was doing (no filming or photography was permitted so we don’t get any crazy pictures).

6:10PM Shocking news: Blaine is in the tank! He is wearing a suite [sic], and not doing very much. We are literally sitting around, watching a man in a suit sit underwater.

6:11PM He just let a fish out of his month. A woman yelled “a fish!” That’s what’s happening here.

6:13PM He’s trying to light a cigar. Dude, you’re underwater! But then… magic! The magic of red and orange LEDs.

6:14PM He’s blowing fake smoke from his cigar. It’s neat.

6:14PM He’s going to pour some wine now. Underwater. He’s pouring wine underwater.

6:18PM And with the appearance of many more fish, he’s done! And that was David Blaine, everyone.

They showed off that you can watch YouTube videos on the top screen while you queue up other on the bottom screen. Pull up email on one and texts on the other, etc. Kinda cool, it’s like a Nintendo DS phone.

So the details on the phone are: 4.7 inch screen (can be used separately or together), 1GHz Snapdragon, 5 megapixel camera w/flash, Android 2.2 and will be available for $200 this Spring w/2 year contract. FYI their demo isn’t as cool as any of Apple’s demos!

Check out more details and pics at Engadget and BGR.

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  • LoL @ Nintendo DS Phone.

    Also, LoL @ Apple fanboy.

    Does this phone work if you hold it wrong? I bet it does!

  • Anonymous

    Kyocera? …