Android Now Biggest-Selling Smartphone Platform In America

Posted by on March 7, 2011 at 10:37 pm

You wouldn’t tell it just looking at the FEZ staff – where we have two Android users versus two iPhone users with a Windows Phone guy in-between – but Android has now become the largest smartphone platform, surpassing Research In Motion’s Blackberry for the top spot in ComScore’s latest quarterly marketshare report.

While Apple still accounts for half of all mobile profits, Android’s ubiquity will probably give Google a leg up in the long run. Whether you own one of Verizon’s Droids, a MyTouch, or one of Sprint’s 4G phones, you’ve helped contribute to Android’s place in this rapidly shifting market. I picked up my Android phone when my Pre died and while it’s a robust system, there’s just some level of operational jank that comes with a program designed with engineers in mind first. I’m still waiting for my Windows Phone, of course…

Hats off to ya, Google!

(And if you must know, Apple is in third place at 24% of the market)

Source: Engadget

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