BlackBerry Bold 9900, The First RIM Product I’d Consider Buying

Posted by on May 2, 2011 at 2:40 pm

If you’re like me, someone who owns or owned a smartphone purely for the convienience of always being connected, the ability to use cool apps, and look cool doing so on a sexy device, then you know by default that BlackBerry cannot do any of those very well. Unless it’s for work, what’s the point of owning a BlackBerry? Well that question has been finally answered, to a degree. Find out how after the break!

In the age where the “average joe” is purchasing smartphones over cellphones, it’s no surprise that RIM has had to change it’s customer focus. They’ve always been business oriented while lacking style on their phones and operating systems. Thanks to Apple and it’s iPhone, RIM has reluctantly began to switch gears. Today, May 2nd, RIM has announced two new BlackBerry devices: the BlackBerry 9900 and the BlackBerry 9930. Just by looking at the design of the new device makes me drool- it’s that sexy. Of course, you can’t sport a new, slim smartphone without a new liquid graphic OS! The BB OS 7 has been supposedly inspired by thousands around the world “who want the ultimate combination of performance, functionality and style,” Mike Lazaridis, president of RIM. I won’t bore you with internal specs, you can go to Engadget for that crap.

So here are some basic specs in video form:


Watch out Google, Apple and HTC, RIM has had a makeover and is trying to make your users jealous. Will it work? Well, it’s certainly turning heads, that’s for sure! But I feel like this is only the beginning towards a new direction where ultimate functionality and style can finally come together in a single device. I know for a fact that if I were in the market for a new smartphone, this would be on my list as a potential purchase. Give it another cycle or two and it might happen- if you play your cards right RIM.

Source/Video: CrackBerry

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