Amazon To Destroy iPad In One Move? That Easy?

Posted by on September 28, 2011 at 9:22 am

It hasn’t been that long since I mocked Amazon for imminently announcing a new tablet to the world based on an older version of Android based purely on their weight in the Kindle space. Well, today the online vendor that we all know and love brought us not one major tablet announcement, but several geared directly at undermining Apple’s iPad share. Will Cupertino be able to release $500 tablets after this when Amazon is filling out the range below? We’ll certainly see. Key points after the break!

That old Kindle? Yeah. $89. You want an e-ink screen with a bunch of buttons on it? You can get it for super cheap now. I recall looking at them three years ago when they were the same size and capabilities, but $300-400. It’s amazing how quickly that bottomed out and, well, I might be in the market, except for the fact that they announced…

Kindle Touch: E-ink Display Minus Buttons. For $20 more (or $70 more if you opt for the 3G model) the buttons go away in favor of a three-region touch screen that looks super intuitive. If you need your books anywhere, the 3G is always free and requires no data plans, woo!

That Kindle Fire! CEO Bezos showed us this new 7″ tablet, something that flared deeply rooted fears, but it actually looks pretty cool. People at the event compared the device to a Blackberry Playbook – which I thought had fine hardware, but otherwise isn’t a great device – with a custom skin on top of Android. Yeah, it’s basically got the Music Player apps and so forth, but it has a custom home screen with your books on it with dedicated software buttons at the bottom, rather than hardware ones like we see in other Android devices. The device also includes the Silk browser, which allows pages to be furnished by their EC2 cloud services and then shipped to your tablet directly for a smoother service. Their Whispersync service here also provides for not only the traditional book downloads, but music and movies as well. Also: only $199.99, shipping November 15th.

It’s apparent today that Amazon lead a show of force, ready to destroy those who oppose it. If they are truly going to be the disruptors of an Apple-dominated industry, more power to them. Maybe they can show the way to the myriad of other Android-based tablets…

Source: The Verge

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