Facebook Security Problems = Timeline / News Feed / Ticker Spam City!

Posted by on September 26, 2011 at 11:00 am


Since the latest Facebook upgrade / update / layout change, people have been flipping out, as we knew they would. People have issues with their timeline, their wall, their friends, their games…It’s MAD!

One of the biggest flipouts has to do with the ticker and how much spamming it is doing. Well, here’s some info on how to sort that out and

Over the last several days, there’s been talk of Facebook charging for their service, people complaining about their accounts being compromised, and tons of people threatening to leave and move over to Google’s doomed social network because they hate the changes Facebook has implemented.

The ticker is really freaking people out because it is a real time representation of what you’re doing on your Facebook, which a lot of people seem to think means that everyone knows your whole life (ok, in some cases this may be true). Well, here at FleshEatingZipper, we care about you and we’re going to tell you how to fix it.

One thing that happens is this – A friend of yours makes a comment on a comment of of friend of theirs. Their comment shows up in your timeline and you can now see the comment made by the other person, even though they aren’t a friend. Now your ticker is filling up with all of this crap from people you don’t even know and really don’t care about.

The first thing you need to know is that this has nothing to do with YOUR settings. This issue exists because your friends don’t know how to sort out their privacy settings.

The other thing that happens is that a friend makes a comment on your post which is then placed in your ticker. Now all of your friends can see their comment, even though they didn’t want the size of their wiener / boobs to be public knowledge.

This one is because your setting are all boned up and you’re broadcasting all of that crap to everyone on your friends list.

So what do you do about it? Well, you go in and hash through all of that privacy stuff, making sure you limit the visibility of your content to your friends only. THEN, you have your friends do the same thing.

zohmygootness, it’s a SETTING!

Another thing you can do is to make sure that if you post a comment or link or status update which you don’t want everyone to see, you limit its visibility to certain groups. You DO have lists set up, right? When y0u’re posting a status update, you just click the “friends” box and select a list, like so:


What you DON’T want to do is post nonsense like this to your status:

Please do me a favor and move your mouse over my name here, wait for the box to load and then move your mouse over the “Subscribe” link. Then uncheck the “Comments and Likes”. I would really rather that my comments on friends and families posts not be made public, thank You! Then re-post this if you don’t want your every single move posted on the right side in the “Ticker Box” for everyone to see

Why don’t you want to post that rubbish? Because it doesn’t work. All this will do is keep YOU from seeing when someone else posts a public message. It doesn’t stop your messages being visible to everyone and their mother’s cat.

If you absolutely must post a status update to request that people keep your business more private, try something like this:

If you don’t want everything you do being broadcast to everyone, on the News Feed or Ticker, please set your privacy to “friends” and have all of your friends do the same. Pass it along. Thanks!

Why does this work? Well, it tells facebook to only show the things you do to your friends. If your friends do the same then everything they do will only go to their friends. That way, nothing is done publicly and nobody needs to know that you accidentally pooped your pants whilst trying to sneak out a fart after having too much beer and Taco Bell.

You’re welcome.

Now go out there and kill the spam, people!





OH, on a related note, can we PLEASE all stop with the “repost this if” crap? It’s old, now. THANKS!

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  • Philippa

    my problem with the ticker feed is that I don’t want to know everything that even my friends are doing on Fb, I would also prefer it if they didn’t see every move that I make. If I want to know what a friend has been upto I go to their page. I’m gradually working my way through my friends un-checking them for comments and likes, but I think that Fb has just gone too far. I come on the site to look at status updates, not everything my friends are doing, if I want to know more I go to their page. I hate the fact that unless all my friends choose to un-check me, they can see what I’m doing.

  • Vikonaki

    hi! my problem is that i lost (and i don’t know how), news feed appearing from ticker and I want it to be appeared again…How can I do that?
    Right now I can only see who is online,nothing more, just like old facebook