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Posted by on September 28, 2011 at 2:46 pm

GlobalMed, a leading telemedicine design company located in Scottsdale, Arizona, are making fab breakthroughs with its TotalExam 2 Examination Camera. What does this mean for you, a camera shaped like a sharpie, and the Migrant Clinicians Network? Find out after the jump!

At this point, you’re probably wondering what in the hell does the word “telemedicine” mean? Essentially, it’s remote communication between doctors and patients. Think of it as Skype for doctors but with complex medical gadgets and other technical mumbo-jumbo. It’s been labeled as the future of medicine. GlobalMed takes it a step further with its own patented camera called the TotalExam 2 Examination Camera.

Collecting images of skin, eyes and throat in a sterile environment have never been this easy until now.


The TE2 can take superior images in low light conditions with incredible clarity and precise color. Thanks to this light weight pen-like camera, folks who live in bum-f*cking Egypt (literally and figuratively) can receive proper medical care from a physician that might be located in a different city or perhaps on vacation in the Bahamas. Well, maybe not so much the latter but you get the point.

Need to examine a mouth? There’s an attachment for that. 


So, how can you have a hand in saving lives? GlobalMed has started a facebook campaign that will donate one of these fantastic cameras to Migrant Clinicians Network, “a force for justice in health care for the mobile poor”, when their facebook page reaches 4,000 likes. With this camera, they’ll be able to use this technology to help folks who aren’t able to see a doctor like you and me.

The editors here at FleshEatingZipper might be snarky and blunt about different topics but we also have a passion for helping our fellow humans. So go ahead and “like” GlobalMed Cam. Stacey from your communications class will think you’re sensitive and caring which is exactly what she’s looking for in a boyfriend. Yeah, you’re welcome.


Press Release:


GlobalMed ‘Likes’ to Help Migrant Clinicians Network

Telemedicine solutions company will donate a TotalExam Camera in Facebook campaign.


Scottsdale, Arizona (September 26, 2011) – GlobalMed – the leading telemedicine design, manufacturing and marketing company headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona – has come up with a novel way to introduce one of its new Facebook pages by giving the general public the opportunity to help it donate a TotalExam™2 Examination Camera to a worthy cause.

The campaign has a simple premise. As soon as the TotalExam Facebook page reaches 4,000 “Likes,” GlobalMed will donate a TotalExam camera to the Migrant Clinicians Network (MCN), based in Austin, Texas. Clinicians working in migrant health started the non-profit MCN in 1984. Today, the organization has grown to more than 5,000 constituents and is a force for justice in healthcare to the mobile poor.

“Our position as the leader in the telemedicine marketplace brings with it great responsibility to help provide access to quality healthcare to those who often do without,” said Joel E. Barthelemy, GlobalMed Managing Director. “All of us at GlobalMed are excited that the MCN is deploying our technology to serve their very mobile population.”

“Clinicians who serve migrant patients often find themselves both geographically and professionally isolated,” said Karen Mountain, MCN CEO. “Resources such as the TotalExam Camera can provide an important lifeline to specialty resources and cutting edge information, and MCN is excited to partner with GlobalMed to provide this resource to clinicians in the field.”

TotalExam’s ease of use, ergonomic design and image clarity make it the best examination camera available. GlobalMed designed TotalExam to deliver crystal clear close-ups of skin and eyes from 2.5 centimeters away, as well as unparalleled images of the throat, palate and gums. The S-Video camera has a USB adaptor for use with a laptop or tablet computer.

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