How-To Use Siri – A Quick Start Guide

Posted by on October 19, 2011 at 1:09 pm

I feel I need to write this article to balance out the hate for the iPhone among the staff at FleshEatingZipper, especially for Siri. Yes, I am the only one here that has an iPhone so I can be a fan boy all I want! The one thing Apple does really well is tells you that a feature exists without telling you how to use it so I thought I would put a guide together to help you along.

The settings for Siri can be found in Settings > General > Siri. You can use Siri by holding down the home button or putting the phone up to your ear. There will be a chime to let you know when you can speak and a chime when it’s done listening. You don’t have to phrase everything you do starting with “Siri”, just get to the question or request. Remember to speak at a normal speed and enunciate.

Alarms & Reminders – Alarms are really easy, just ask Siri to set an alarm for 7:00am and she will. With iOS 5 your iPhone is now constantly tracking your location, this is really for reminders. How does that work you ask? Ask Siri to remind you to do something when you get somewhere like “remind me to check the mail when I get home.” Your iPhone will see when you get home and then you will see your reminder.

Meetings – Siri can set up meetings with anyone in your contacts like this “Set up a meeting with Johnny on Friday at 3:00pm.” Siri will let you know what she heard and ask you to confirm, it’s very easy. You can also ask Siri to change or cancel meeting.

Reading & Dictation – Siri can read your text messages to you as well as dictate text messages and emails. Ask Siri to read you the message to hear your messages. For dictation just say “text Rob, sorry, they’re out of pina colada lip gloss at Bath and Body Works, I’m getting you strawberry instead.” Email is very similar but you can add a subject by first saying subject then the message.

Random – Ask Siri what the traffic is like, what the weather is like (add a city if it’s not local), find the best Chinese food in Colorado Springs, anything mathematical, anything from Wikipedia and the list goes on and on. You can ask Siri what you can ask or you can just try asking to see if that works.

Fun Stuff – Siri has a sense of humor so try asking it what the meaning of life is, if you look pretty, what Siri’s favorite color is, if Siri will marry you, where to hide a body. There are seriously some funny things they have programmed into Siri so don’t be afraid to ask her!

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