Lytro, The “Guitar Hero” Of Cameras

Posted by on October 20, 2011 at 11:34 am

Usually, it takes several classes and experience on the field to understand how the camera functions. The same could be said about the guitar. So what exactly makes Lytro, the camera that promises “living pictures”, so much like the plastic accessory that was bundled with every Guitar Hero? Find out after the break!

Has anyone out there ever thought, “I’m going to buy one of those huge Canon DSLR’s and try to make extra cash by taking pictures!”? We all have. Two major factors stop that little dream almost immediately: the price and not knowing how to use it. That’s all about to change, ladies and gentlemen. Much like how Guitar Hero changed the way we play music, the Lytro is here to change the way we shoot pictures.

Many musicians and other uptight artists have previously balked at the idea of fake instrument video games. Jack White, former member of White Stripes, has stepped on his soap box to tell aspiring musicians to “drop the toy guitar” and pick up a real one.

“It’s depressing to have a label come and tell you that [Guitar Hero] is how kids are learning about music and experiencing music.”, explained the out of work artist.

It’s the same exact picture!

Going back to the Lytro, it really is an amazing piece of technology. To be able to focus on random objects after the picture has been taken is mind blowing. The device captures the entire light field meaning that one picture can have several different focal points — if you choose to change it.

What does this mean for photographers who make a living off of taking pictures? Well, I’m not saying that the Lytro will kill the professional business by some 14 year old girl. But if this contraption takes off, why would anyone want to learn how to use a DSLR? Think of it this way, taking professional looking pictures with the Lytro will be just as easy as playing Free Bird on your Xbox 360.

Due to how awesomely easy it is to take incredible looking pictures, I’ve already decided that I want to purchase one. You do too? Well, better start saving now because the base version (8 GB) will cost you $399. The 16 GB will probably decimate your checking account at $499.


Source: Lytro, The Christian Science Monitor

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