Ready for iPhone 4S Problems & Complaints? They’re Already Here!

Posted by on October 17, 2011 at 7:03 pm

The phone hasn’t been out for even a week and the issues and complaints are starting to pile up. With 4 million devices sold so far these complaints don’t seem like a lot to me. I was even surprised to hear that most people weren’t seeing crashed websites when trying to pre-order their new phones. I’m going to skip the pre-order issues because that is something entirely different that I don’t even want to get into at the moment.

AT&T Activation Issues – Customers are complaining like last year and the year before that they are having problems activating their phones. Duh! We are talking about AT&T right? Zing!

Sprint Slow Data Speeds – I’m sure you’ve seen the commercial where the announcer is telling you about data and how Verizon & AT&T only give you 2GB while T-Mobile claims unlimited they slow your speeds down after 2GB. Sprint may give you unlimited data but it sounds like they are having speed issues. Like the same speed issues that AT&T first had when the iPhone blew up into the huge thing. This may be causing some of the below issue.

Siri Issues – Siri Y U No Work? People are reporting that Siri is not working at all. (Those users are probably on Sprint, just saying.) Siri has no international support? WTF is up with that Apple? Siri only give local information in the US right now and better international support sometime in 2012. Speaking of international-ness, get rid of your strong accent because Siri can’t understand anything you are saying, it responds “do you speaka any Engrish?” We all know that no one is going to use Siri after the first week so it’s all good, right?

Other Issues – People are reporting that the screen is looks tinted, this is different than the brown glue spots with the iPhone 4. Camera issues are also being reported, either the shutter is really slow or it’s not opening at all. Battery issues happen in every release it seems and this one is no different, that will probably get resolved soon.

One of the weirder issues I’ve read about is app problems like Google Voice getting pulled from the app store because of app crashes and Instapaper having issues.

Like I said this stuff happens every launch and I’m sure there will be more popping up in the near future.

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  • Anonymous

    My iPhone 4S has absolutely no problems.

    It’s also sitting in a box at the store.

  • Jesse Tripp

    I guess I’ve been lucky, no problamo’s so far on my end

  • piz

    Just call sprint and they will give you a hash code. 
    Been good since!!!!
    ~THE END~

  • Houston_ricky

    I am having problems with mine, when you are calling somebody, you don’t have here a ring tone on the other end of the line, the line is just quiet although it is ringing at the other end. But if you hang up and try again then it is fine. Any ideas anybody?

    • Sounds like the cell tower is really busy. From what I understand is the ringing of the phone is initialized by the tower.

    • Mikey54

      Mikey54  I am having the same trouble making calls on my new 4S, Its quiet( No ringing ) on the 1st call try, but the 2nd time the call goes through. Verizon Tech support had me backup data then restore the software via itunes on my mac Also apple did a 33 minute software update 10-25-11 maybe that will correct some problems ?. Also they had me dial *228 & send & press option 1 to program roaming.

    • Nope, not a cell tower.  A hard reset solves it temporarily but you have to do it several times a day.  It keep switching to speaker phone too.

  • Reneramos23

    I’m with sprint and my iPhone will get stuck on sending a text message to then tell me it has failed. After a couple tries it will finally send. Has anyone seen this issue on their iPhone 4s?

  • Casleym

    You should try buying it in Ireland seems that we got all the real faulty Apple iPhone4S
    Got mine saturday morning can’t Dial can receives calls, Can’t text, can’t receive and siri
    not recognising voice etc. Its going back to apple this week, it will be my third iphone and last as i’m not putting up with this ever again. Joke customer service they knew this phone was giving problems and still allowed it to be distributed throughout countries. -F-ing thieves i would say.