Amazon’s MYHABIT – A New Shopping Addiction

Posted by on November 8, 2011 at 2:14 pm

Amazon has pushed out a new service called MYHABIT, a private sale site where fashion-minded males and females can shop for discounted hand-picked designer and boutique brands. If that gets your frugal brain all warm and fuzzy, then you’ll really love having an Amazon Prime Membership — that’s your golden ticket in! Will MYHABIT start a new shopping habit for you? Find out after the break!

As a male, I know how difficult it can be to dress nicely. I also know how horrible it is to visit those pits of despair people call “malls” — it’s just not right. But believe it or not, I actually like buying clothes and styling them (I blame /r/mensfashionadvice). So, when I heard about MYHABIT, my ears perked up like a German Shepard. Think of MYHABIT as Amazon meets Ebay without the scammers and knockoffs. The service will bring in a new line of clothes or like in the picture below, Cuisinart appliances and drastically discount them up to 60% off. The free* membership promises fast, free shipping and free returns on U.S. orders. The only catch is that the items are only available for a certain matter of time.

*Must be an Amazon Prime Member to participate.

It’s not hard to see how addicting MYHABIT can be — today’s event is already sold out for Cuisinart! 

What I like most about MYHABIT is the 360 degree-video of the model strutting his or her stuff. At first it freaked me out. Perhaps I wasn’t expecting a man who looks like a prisoner from a concetration camp to be moving in front of me. But it really does help get a sense of how these clothes will fit on someone.


So is MYHABIT worth the price of admission? If you’re into looking like a cancer patient, absolutely. Jokes aside, it really is an interesting service and it will be fun to watch this project grow as more labels and companies join.


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