Chrome Eclipses Firefox in Browser Wars, Off To Olympus To Fight Zeus

Posted by on December 1, 2011 at 2:23 pm

It took three years, but Google’s super-light Chrome browser finally crept over Firefox’s distant second-placing in the browser market. While the difference between the two is only a fraction of a percent, it bodes pretty well for the search engine company (and Android caretaker) because their share has been on a rocket ride straight to the moon. The story’s a little different State-side, but has Google’s browser taken up a roost as your primary surf engine?

I mentioned that Firefox was a distant second-place and that’s because the head of the class, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer – the default browser for virtually every edition of Windows in the world (minus the EU) – still holds a mafia-like grip on browser marketshare. It’s this share of the market (and to a lesser extent, Firefox’s) that Chrome has been stealing directly from and it seems that the favor has been returned in the fact that both IE9 and Firefox 5 have much more slender interfaces than their chunky predecessors. In the States, Firefox still maintains a lead over Chrome, but that also happens to be shrinking fast. The fact that Google promotes their browser on almost any web search you do and through their YouTube service means they have a lot of free and popular real estate to include download links.

Kelly originally got me into the browser, but only after goading me for about a year as I was happy with IE8 at the time. Chrome felt like a work-in-progress, lacking a lot of the features that I expected in a web browser. I eventually swithced over and haven’t looked back. Well, with one exception: I did mess with Internet Explorer 9 when it released, but the poor extension support and legacy options scared me away.

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  • Berklain

    Loved my IE. I’ve been Chrome for a year now. I did play with IE9 when it launched and if I’m not mistaken it’s still sitting on my desktop but I really don’t think I’ll be passing up Chrome any time soon.

  • lolatyourname

    Chrome is awesome but I use Opera as my main browser :)