SOPA Support Drying Up As Gaming Companies Feel The Heat

Posted by on December 30, 2011 at 8:41 pm

We’ve talked before about the evils of the SOPA bill, which is temporarily shelved for Congress’ holiday recess, and that everything must be done to prevent its passage. The bill would allow the government to shut down entire web sites on the suspicion of transmitting or harboring pirated material. While tech companies like Google, LinkedIn, and Foursquare have argued against it publicly, media conglomerates and content holders still comprise a long list of supporters of the bill who are looking to protect their content. Well, that crowd just got a bit smaller.

Sony, Nintendo, and Electronic Arts have opted out of the SOPA support listing not long after Go Daddy felt the heat of customers retreating from the domain provider after they promised support of the bill. Today, the trio of gaming blocs have backed away on the premise that they too would be lashed out against by their activist consumers. Anonymous went so far as to threaten Sony with another crippled PlayStation Network if they proceeded to support the bill. Whether they’re out to protect their content against piracy, which is the main aim of SOPA, it hardly matters when these guys are out to make a buck. Pissing off your tech-savvy audience when you exist purely because of them is not a good way to go about it. Talks on SOPA will resume in committee next month “at the earliest possible date”.

Source: VentureBeat

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  • Soulofthebleak

    Dunno if Sony did it out of a sudden desire to improve PR or to protect their own asses from getting hacked (again) but as a guy who’s been a gamer since before he was old enough for public school (fyi I’m a week from turning 26) its damn good to hear that the big three have stopped supporting this mess of a legislation.

    That and now that Mitt Romney has taken his own stance against it SOPA is really in trouble. One of its defenses is that unless you use the net a lot you might not even know about this. Having a Republican frontrunner oppose it means that Obama has to take a stance and soon and, more importantly, the big news networks like FOX, CBS, and so on can’t pretend to ignore it much longer.

    • Anonymous

      Thankfully, Microsoft had backed off on this earlier, but as soon as you throw Anonymous in the mix, aww man…