E-mail Providers To Block Male Enhancing Spam, 1/4 Population Bummed

Posted by on January 30, 2012 at 10:16 am

Many familiar e-mail clients (AOL, Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft to name a few) have decided to join forces and defend your inbox from the horrible wrath of phishing and spam. Cutting-edge standards that will rid the world of technological scum are being enforced by a newly formed coalition called the Domain-based Message Authentication. What everyone seems to be forgetting is how hard this will hit that quarter of the population who actually want their genitalia larger, help a Nigerian king, or to remind PayPal of their social security number.

There’s an incredible amount of gullible people that were given permission to use a computer and consequently peruse the dark alleys of the internet. You’d think by now common sense would notify their ignorant brains that no, companies will never ever ask for your personal e-mail, especially when the notice is coming from Unfortunately, not even common sense can stop criminals from ruining lives of the incompetent.

What would happen if the Domain-based Message Authentication succeeds in cleaning up people’s inboxes? Let me show you a possible situation. Due to the absence of spam, an in surge of bungling sheep will raid popular forums, Ask Yahoo, and Reddit. They will begin by asking if a certain website is legitimate. Seems harmless enough, right? Wrong. Soon after they’ll be sharing how cheap’s insurance rates are. It’ll be like a migration of bacteria that will grow from one internet community to the next.

I believe that internet scammers, as horrible as they might be, are needed to help keep that population in check. It’s like an ecosystem that if disturbed, will disrupt the entire internet. Consider it the internet’s version of survival of the fittest. Now, if you’ll excuse me, my bank is asking for my account number again.

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