File Sharing Disabled For FileSonic, FileServe & More

Posted by on January 23, 2012 at 10:36 am

Well, it was only a matter of time. As inevitable as it seems, file sharing websites similar to Megaupload might follow suit. After witnessing the capture of Mr. Dotcom, owners of many file sharing sites are frantically disabling that “evil” functionality — allowing the user to upload and download personal items. I can only imagine people wanting to share high resolution pictures of certain events to friends and family through FileSonic but being forced to individually attach said photos to 30 different e-mails instead. I’m still bitter.

Don’t call them a file sharing site. They are a file storage site. There’s a difference. Perhaps not. Either way, I feel this situation is getting out of hand. I’m all for stopping piracy, but there was some legitimacy with file sharing sites. Like my example above, it’s incredibly difficult for people who aren’t YARring to share files that belong to them. I’m sure this fire storm will be a real hit with legitimate businesses as well.

So what file storage sites have stopped sharing? Here’s a list from user redFF on Reddit:

Megaupload – Closed

Fileserve – Stopped filesharing. You can only download your own files. Deleting multiple files. Banning Premium accounts. Closed Affiliate Program.

Filesonic – Stopped filesharing. You can only download your own files. Closed Affiliate Program. Changed server location Jan 22, 2012. Taken down it’s Facebook page Now using Digital fingerprinting. Files are being deleted as soon as uploaded (as Hotfile did).

VideoBB – Closed Affiliate Program.

Filepost – Started suspending accounts with infringing material (as Hotfile did)

Uploaded.t… – Blocked U.S. access.

Videozer – Closed Affiliate Program.

Filejungle – Owned by Fileserve (same as above). Testing USA IP addresses blocking.

Uploadstation – Owned by Fileserve (same as above). Testing USA IP addresses blocking.

4Shared – Deleting multiple files

EnterUpload – Down (Redirect)

Notice a common trend here? It seems that affiliate programs are the ones to be closing down or disabling the ability to share. Basically, they’re the companies that won’t necessarily take down copyright material — a breeding ground for piracy. The only three businesses that I can think of that don’t follow a shady model, is DropBox, Mediafire and Google Docs. Regardless, this whole digital sharing drama between companies and the U.S. Government has me a little frightened for the future of the “cloud”. I guess it doesn’t hurt to have everything stored on an external hard drive!


Source: Reddit

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