A More Beautiful Web With Internet Explorer

Posted by on March 15, 2012 at 11:20 am

Microsoft wants to fight. With Xbox, it was against the PlayStation 2. With Windows Phone, it’s against other phones. With Internet Explorer, it’s against the world. Not content at this point to let other browsers slip by in marketshare (like fast-rising Chrome), Microsoft wants to show us with Internet Explorer 9 that it’s got it going on (like the Backstreet Boys, who are always awesome). Since Internet Explorer 9 is happy to be a sponsor of FleshEatingZipper, we’re more than happy to give them the spotlight!

With IE9, Microsoft wants to show you the “Beauty of the Web”. What does that even mean? From the inclusion of custom-tint navigation buttons that change depending on the site you’re on to the addition of some formidable HTML5 compatibility, IE9 is bringing its A-game to the browser wars. Yeah, previous releases might have been decent attempts to show that Microsoft is catching up, but with IE9, they want to see that they’re ahead of the pack. Honestly, it’s the best Internet Explorer yet (and I used 7 and 8 forever) and you can play a custom version of Cut The Rope for free right now! (Well, as soon as you download IE9, that is.)

So go now and let Microsoft prove to you that it’s still in the fight for the browser of your heart! And then buy a Windows Phone.

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