Should You Get The iPhone 4S For Virgin Mobile?

Posted by on June 13, 2012 at 9:01 am

Should you pop your cherry?

There was a time when I loved Virgin Mobile. Heck, I even sold my iPhone 4 just for them! That was back when they offered $25 for unlimited data and texts. When things changed for the worse, I jumped ship. As of yesterday, part of me wished I hadn’t. Why? The iPhone 4S is coming to Virgin Mobile.

Not much is known about this offering other than the typical VM service pricing. The least expensive plan shoots for $35/month with 300 measly minutes and complimentary data/texts. The mid-tier plan, which is a rather large step from it’s lower brethren, goes for $45/month with 1200 minutes, unlimited data and texts. Finally, the big kahuna of mobile Virgins, $55 bones will net you unlimited everything. Well, supposedly “unlimited” — you’re still gonna get throttled like a little bitch. So, the question to ask — should you get the iPhone 4S for Virgin Mobile?

Why you should get the iPhone 4S for Virgin Mobile

  • Cheap service. If you choose auto-pay, Virgin Mobile will knock $5 from your bill, making the worst 300 minute plan easier to swallow.

Why you shouldn’t get the iPhone 4S for Virgin Mobile

  • The price for admission is not worth it. Face it, the reason you’re paying such a low price for service, is due to the un-subsidized nature of the phone. So how much will the iPhone 4S cost? An unlocked 16GB iPhone 4S sells for $649. Yikes. Then again, they might introduce a special 8GB 4S to lower that price. That’s my speculation.


  • You get what you pay for — Virgin Mobile piggybacks off of Sprint’s 3G service. Based on my one-year experience with Virgin Mobile, you couldn’t pay me to go back. I can’t tell you how many times Virgin Mobile screwed the pooch with me. For instance, I would be lucky to have one bar of service inside my home. That’s a problem. Oh and let’s not forget data throttling!


  • Have an issue with your phone? Good luck. Customer service is located somewhere deep in India and you’ll be lucky to find someone who understands English. Better yet, wait until you switch to a different carrier. Virgin Mobile will do it’s darnedest to hold your phone number captive. Ask an AT&T employee (or any other carrier for that matter), and they’ll tell you how painful of a process it is to port a number from VM.


Needless to say, the concept of having an iPhone 4S with a low plan is fantastic. If you can’t afford the monthly payments from the big-boyz, perhaps Virgin Mobile is for you. Regardless, you’re still going to fork out a lot of cash upfront for a deplorable service.

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