Samsung Electronics, My Monitor Died, Why Must You Make Me So Sad?

Posted by on July 12, 2012 at 8:50 am

To the left, success. To the right, complete sadness.

A funny thing happened when I got home last night: my second monitor wouldn’t work. At all. I switched between my VGA and DVI inputs, switched out cables, uninstalled and reinstalled drivers, and *shiver* used a Samsung live chat to determine that my monitor was, in fact, dead. But I can’t send it off for repair because of… what?

That’s right, when creating the online repair request for my 23″ LED monitor, the widget Samsung uses to find a local UPS drop-off point couldn’t find a location. It didn’t matter what zip code I’d put in, it couldn’t find anything (even though there’s one two miles down the road…). So, while trying to establish said request, the above error pops up and tells me I can’t do anything. Now I must submit myself to their 800 number to make any progress. I’ve given Samsung plenty of money over the years: these two monitors, my old Epic 4G, and my Galaxy Nexus. This is how I’m rewarded? Turns out Samsung has absolutely no respect for Google Chrome as replicating the entire process in Internet Explorer worked just fine.

So, now I’m stuck running my desktop on a single monitor for the first time in nearly five years. It’s like losing an eye. Now I have to reformat all my programs to work in the smaller swath of real estate. If you’ve never moved up to second monitor madness, it’s nearly impossible to scale back down. Whether it’s something as innocuous as keeping music open in another panel (I USED IT FOR MORE THAN JUST MUSIC, KELLY) to creative production, it hurts to not have the tech at hand. So now I’m alone.

Samsung, c’mon.

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