Hulu Launches a New and Faster Website

Posted by on August 23, 2012 at 8:47 pm

Huge images!

Last month I was blown away after discovering the face match technology Hulu had. What I didn’t talk about was the new player UI. Well today accompanying the new player UI is a newly designed website that to me seems much faster. I’m not saying that because they said it was faster, I’m saying that because I clicked a link and the page instantly loaded. This new design is reactive/responsive, meaning it will scale up or down depending on your screen resolution, to a certain extent.

Huge pictures that stretch from one end of the container to the other is something I like to think I invented. Look on our front page our featured stories do that, it’s like we’re setting the trends here at FleshEatingZipper! The front page at first is a little cluttery, you are bombarded with just rows and rows of images. It reminds me of Netflix in a way without all that red. Browsing anything loads an endless page so no more clicking next page all the time. It’s a very nice touch. Speaking of navigation, the top bar navigation that has the search, the browse button and your queue float with you as you scroll down.

You can scroll forever!

The thing that didn’t really change are show pages and anything with a video player. Sure on the show pages the image stretches all the way across and the thumbnails for looking at other episodes or clips are a little bigger but other than that it looks like they just wrapped the pages with this new design. Users with lower resolutions won’t be too offended, it’s when you have resolutions like mine at 1920×1080 that the white space spills into the excessive category.

Take a look at the official blog post from Hulu for more information. Also, are we the only ones on the internet not sponsored by Internet Explorer? Seriously Microsoft, get at us!

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