Leo Laporte Refuses To Let Ex-G4’ers Sessler, Pereira On TWiT, Says They’re ‘Tainted’

Posted by on August 7, 2012 at 9:37 am

Laporte seems lost.

The G4 absorption of TechTV was not a happy one. Here was a ‘hip with the kids’ network devoted to gaming devouring a respectable channel with tons of tech-related content. The path was complicated, but many of the TechTV staff left on word that they’d have to relocate from their San Francisco home to Los Angeles, among them Leo Laporte, who would later form the This Week in Tech network of video/podcasts. Leo seems like a real nice guy, but a recent remark about his former labelmates came across as quite uncouth.

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I had a lot of respect for Laporte when he stepped away from the G4/TechTV mess and even as I’d given up on his weekly show of geriatrics trying to understand why people would post pictures on their Facebook, I could still understand where he was coming from. But when asked whether he would let recently-ex-G4’er Adam Sessler or former Attack of the Show co-host Kevin Pereira on his TWiT, he replied with the snort above.

Leo Laporte, what the fuck does that mean?

We had some brief time with Adam Sessler during the Noobz premiere and he comes across as a genuinely fantastic guy. I can’t endorse Pereira’s work, but he can’t be all bad, either. I have no idea why Laporte would make the goofy-shit stance that former G4 staffers, some of whom stayed on just so they’d have a paycheck, deserve such a blacklisting. Shame on you, for being so melodramatic and outright malicious to some of your former co-workers. Later, Laporte specified:

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That’s still a trashy way to treat anyone, Leo. Meanwhile, Sessler and Pereira? You’re welcome any time over at the FleshEatingZipper.

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