Apple, Motorola, Nokia: Every New Phone In The Universe To Be Unveiled Soon!

Posted by on September 5, 2012 at 10:27 am

Nokia’s new shiny Windows Phone, the Lumia 920

This is the absolute worst time to buy a smartphone. Like I mentioned in an article earlier this year, this is the point of the year where all of the key players are announcing their new flagship devices for the holiday. If you had your eye on a One X or iPhone 4, you better wait until the prices drop even further because they aren’t going to be worth much in the next few weeks. So who’s bringing goods to the table right now? Let’s show you…

Nokia + Microsoft – September 5 – I’d intended to write this article yesterday, but we’re fresh off of both companies’ new Windows Phone announcements, including the first public display of hardware designed for Windows Phone 8: the Lumia 820 and Lumia 920. The former being a 4.3″er and the latter being a 4.5″, one for the mid-market, the latter has flagship classing. The 920 also includes a PureView-branded camera tech with Carl Zeiss optics which won’t be quite as stupendous as their big PureView on the 808 earlier this year for a ton of various issues, namely that there isn’t a huge 41-megapixel sensor in a large bubble on the back, but I guess we’ll have to settle with the included tech. Also, with new tech from Synaptics, you’ll actually be able to use the phones through gloves, which will be great when you’re camped out this holiday for the Wii U. Because that’s happening.

Motorola – September 5 –  Okay, it may be the same day, but Motorola’s conference has yet to happen. Word on the street is a new Droid RAZR with an edge-to-edge display and probably great battery life. I’d honestly ditch a thin phone for one that I don’t need tethered to a power source all the time.

Amazon – September 6 – New Kindles! The Fire did incredibly well to start, but as soon as word caught on that it wasn’t great, sales fell off in the face of a new iPad. Amazon is also facing tough competition in the value tablet market (which sounds so cheap) from Google with the fabulous Nexus 7. And they’ll bring us some regular-ass non-tablet Kindles, too. The ones you might be used to.

Apple – September 12 – I don’t need to do a deep dive on this because Kelly will have that covered in a separate piece, but iPhone 5.

HTC – September 19 – HTC brought out some pretty killer Android phones earlier this year under the unified ‘One’ branding instead of their generally scattershot strategy of before. It netted us some cool hardware, but sales have been uninspiring. What will HTC announce this time around? Hard to say.

Google – ??? – Google’s already had their big I/O event where they announced their tablet and weird-ass ball thing, but they haven’t produced proof of their Nexus flagship Android phone yet. Last year, this happened in late October in Hong Kong with the company unveiling the Samsung-produced Galaxy Nexus running the new Ice Cream Sandwich OS. We’re still a little ways from this announcement, but Android fanboys are going to be left wanting after this current batch of phone announcements rolls through.

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