The Temptation To Upgrade To Windows 8 Is Now Irresistible

Posted by on October 24, 2012 at 1:52 pm

This could be what I’m staring at in a few days, but cooler.

When I was a young sprout, at the tender age of seventeen, I said I wouldn’t upgrade my version of Windows until I’d bought a new computer. I looked forward to a new box with a shiny 1GHz processor, 256MB of RAM, and 50GB of hard disk to throw my expanding collection of art and music onto. Instead, I bought Windows XP in October 2001 and got a free stick of RAM, which brought me to that 128MB RAM total, just enough to run the OS in the first place. Like many things, I’m skeptical until the product is about to land and the marketing push is at its extreme. Of course, being able to purchase it on impulse doesn’t help things.

Windows 8 is very different from its predecessors, but that hasn’t stopped me from dedicating myself to picking up a copy of Windows 8 Pro on Friday. My desktop, which I picked up three years ago to edit our film, has been running Windows Vista, an OS I’ve had absolutely zero issues with. Six years ago, I beta tested the OS and had fell in love with Aero and all of its little improvements over XP. Apparently I was the only one. As a result, I even skipped out on Windows 7 until I picked up this PC for, well, video editing. But now, after I discovered the the price of Windows 8 I’ve fallen under the spell of impulse purchasing. I’m a Windows 8 virgin, having not even bothered with any of the previews, I don’t really know how well I’ll like it. Hardly a matter, Windows hasn’t let me down yet. I doubt I’ll be the only in line to pick up that miniscule boxed copy, either.

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