Virgin Mobile Paid My Phone Bill. Yep, You Heard Right

Posted by on October 12, 2012 at 10:45 am

Would you still give someone a free month for being a murderer? I’m asking for a friend.

Virgin Mobile, the number one prepaid cell phone service in America, has done the unthinkable! The big-wigs at VM have decided to give certain account holders (specifically me) a free month of service. Is this a desperate act or a generous offer? And why me? Yes, I’ve had a couple of issues with Virgin Mobile in the past. Not to mention it’s difficult to communicate with customer service considering their first language isn’t English. The service, which piggy backs off of Sprint, can be spotty but it generally gets the job done. What really made me jump ship was Virgin’s phone selection. There’s no way I could say no to Nokia’s flagship, the Lumia 900. The thing is, I never ported my number back to AT&T. Earlier this year I tried to buy an iPhone 4S at Sprint. I spent over 2 hours watching the customer service clerk try to port my Virgin Mobile. Needless to say, I left empty handed and disappointed. You can imagine how I felt about porting the number after buying the Lumia. It didn’t happen. So, I stopped paying my monthly charge. Three months later, I receive this fantastic e-mail.

Hi Keith, It’s not every day that a customer like you comes along. So as a token of our appreciation, we wanted to give you a little something special back…a full month of service on us! That’s right – we covered your monthly charge, no strings attached. It’s our way of saying thanks for being a Virgin Mobile customer. Sound too good to be true? Nah. We already added the money to your account on or around 10/09/2012 so your phone will be set for a whole month. After that, just remember to pay your monthly payment to keep your service working.

What are they talking about? I’m a horrible customer; I stopped giving them money! Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for them covering my charge. AT&T would never, ever pay for my bill. Ever. They’ve really out done themselves at Virgin Mobile. Now if I was given a new phone, say an iPhone 4S, I’d totally hop on board again and I’d love them forever and ever and ever, THE END. (hint, hint)

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  • Darlene Achille

    Kind of similar situation with my son’s phone….his phone since August…naturally he had a new phone from At&t…anyhow make a long story short the little brat lost his at&t phone…so naturally he starts fooling around with VM phone to use the WIFI…Low and behold they send him a text that $55 was added acct…. To his account…needless to say he called me after 12 am to tell me…(i was working) i was asleep but pleasantly surprised…. who does that? Apparently they do… its really making me think twice about them… i may give them another chance…This is the nicest thing any phone company has done…i really appreciate it…my son is grateful….our Thanksgiving Gift….

    • Kyle

      They did the same for me. Same email. But now it’s hard not to carry two phones with me for a month. Lol

  • Lanae Samone

    I Only Gpt 35.00$ Added