Because They’re Crazy: RED To Offer Player/Marketplace For 4K Ultra-HD Content

Posted by on December 3, 2012 at 8:42 am

It’s ridiculous, but it’s fantastic.

Just as America is transitioning to high-definition – a move that’s taken over fifteen years – the studios and technologists are ready for the next wave of high-resolution displays. I’ve said a few words about 4K, which features four times the pixels of a “Full HD” 1080p display, and how unrealistic it is to have in the home because the size of the display required (or how close you’d need to sit next to it) to even see that many pixels is impractical for anyone. Nevertheless, RED has a solution!

Now don’t get me wrong, I love RED. Founded by Oakley CEO Jim Jannard because he wanted some high quality HD cameras and couldn’t find them on the market, their relatively low-cost 2K and 4K cinema cameras have dominated Hollywood (The Hobbit and Forward Unto Dawn both use them). RED now wants to introduce you to a reasonable way to consume 4K content, even when 4K TVs don’t exist and 4K content isn’t much better.

Yeah, they’re thinking ahead.

For $1,450, you can own RED’s new REDRAY media player, a hulking device with six (!) HDMI outputs to feed either four 1080p displays (tiling) or two 4K displays. The player has a 1TB drive inside to store “100 hours” of 4K content with expansions for external storage as well. Buildingo n that, RED will have its own iTunes-style (or Zune!) store to purchase 4K content called ODEMAX. What concerns me, ever slightly, is that the offerings will be available at 20Mbps bitrate, which is hardly a leap over the standard 8Mbps bitrate of Blu-ray despite having four times the information. If they say it looks good, okay…

I’m not hip on 4K content yet, but it’s nice that RED’s thinking of those thinking ahead of the curve.

Source: The Verge

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