For About $30 A Month, Kim Dotcom’s Mega Wants To Give You 4TB Of Cloud Storage

Posted by on January 18, 2013 at 2:58 pm

M-M-M-MEGA. Can’t stop saying it.

I love and use Dropbox every day. I couldn’t live without some place in the cloud at this point to store my data so I can access it from virtually all of my devices. After a huge legal kerfuffle, Kim Dotcom, whom you may know from the West-endorsed Megaupload, or perhaps the epic raid on his house in New Zealand to bring said service down, is bringing us Mega, a whole new service to send your data to. And they’re giving you 50GB for free, just to start, squashing any offer from those other, larger, perhaps more legitimate offerings from Dropbox and Google.

It seems that Dotcom is trying to come clean, though. In their case against Dotcom and Megupload, the US government contends that the Megaupload service only existed to store copyrighted content, then monetize the storage of said content as they were more frequently downloaded, all of which Dotcom denies with a case ongoing. While the amount of storage that Mega is presumed to be offering is gargantuan, you can’t help but feel a little put off at the idea that the service is going to be cut off through some complex legal means at any point. This is especially true considering this is a persistent storage solution designed to hold and protect your documents, rather than a mere upload-and-share spot. Still, Dotcom and Mega’s site want everyone to be at ease.

I’d tread lightly.

Source: The Verge

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