Facebook Knows Where NFL Fans Live, Makes A Big Colorful Map

Posted by on February 1, 2013 at 1:35 pm
No one likes the New York Jets?

No one likes the New York Jets?

Okay guys, I’m the last person to be writing color commentary on foot-based ball games, but this recent development is simply far too cool. There are a lot of people who believe that submitting data to Facebook is really just a way for Facebook to make money off you. To some extent, it’s true: we can target ads more effectively because we know who’s a fan of what TV series, game, or where they live. But that data can also be arranged to create the most accurate map of NFL fandom yet, a task that simply never worked before because not enough data was available.

Unless you’re Facebook.

You can see all the above map in larger detail, as well as a number of related data points, at the link below, but I had some interesting thoughts:

– As far as I can tell, only one county in Long Island seems to favor the New York Giants. I mean, c’mon, even the Browns have some regional gravitas.

– I grew up in Omaha, where people are proud of their Huskers and no NFL team seems to carry a torch over any other. I knew this growing up, but this geographical map confirms what a mess that whole area is. Also: Montana. Those guys need a team to polarize the state.

– I had no idea how powerful the Denver Broncos’ influence was. Aside from Phoenix, Denver’s pretty much in a power vacuum over the Rocky Mountains, so the shape of their influence makes sense. Fun Fact: it wasn’t until I moved out here that the Broncos started winning Super Bowls. True story.

– Those Cowboys! Such dominant influence throughout the south and creeping up through tne northwest. Those guys just exist everywhere! A legendary franchise that has a sparkly new stadium and, well, not much game in those playoffs, amirite? This shroud almost chokes out the influence of the newer Texans.

Source: Deadspin

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