Apple And Samsung Chasing Wireless Charging For New iPhone/Galaxy S4, But Is It Hot Or Not?

Posted by on March 8, 2013 at 10:11 am
Is it really the future? Is it?

The future.

Apparently, we have a revolution on our hands. Soon, we’ll no longer need to fish for the tail end of a USB cable and plug it into our phones when they run low, and boy do they ever run low these days. Instead, as DigiTimes reports, we’ll be able to take our iPhone 5S and/or Galaxy S4 and place them on an inductive charge pad to let those precious battery bars return to us. Like NFC before it though, a case still needs to be made for its usefulness.

When I owned a Palm Pre a number of years back, the flagship accessory was the $39.99 Touchstone wireless charger. It required a special, included backplate and like other modern charges, the phone snapped to it magnetically. It doesn’t charge any faster, but it is quicker to set up. One prime advantage of this comes in the car where the cable problem is exacerbated by the fact that, y’know, the car and driving. If Apple and Samsung do decide to chase this feature, it would become an industry standard guaranteed, but are you super interested in keeping the company of yet another dongle accessory to charge your phone? I can’t quite say that anyone’s made the case clear to me on wireless charging yet.

Source: DigiTimes

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