Google+ Makes Cover Photos Super Huge, Is Perhaps Compensating For Something

Posted by on March 6, 2013 at 1:19 pm
There are so many 'that's what she said' jokes to roll at this point that I'll just pass.

There are so many ‘that’s what she said’ jokes to roll at this point that I’ll just pass.

Okay, seriously. I just snapped a screen of our Google+ profile for that article I wrote and Google is now boosting the size of their Cover Photos considerably. I understand the need to iterate on a social network, especially one that’s so far behind the titan of the industry, but c’mon.

On top of the adoption of a much larger masthead, you can see Google+ has also switched its avatars to a circular crop befitting of their “circles” social metaphor. Also, it looks a lot like what Path does. I’m sure Google had this in mind on a version planner weeks or months ago, but you can’t help but feel they’re getting a little defensive ahead of Facebook’s huge News Feed revamp unveiling tomorrow, which we’ll keeping an eye on for you. Did you log in to your Google+ profile today, yet?

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